Children’s Care Program


Lifelong Dental Health Starts Early

The key to lifelong dental health is to establish good habits as early as possible. As soon as a baby’s first tooth appears, it’s important to start seeing a dentist regularly for pediatric dental care. By starting this relationship early, you can help prevent cavities and create good habits to ensure lifelong dental health.

Children’s teeth need regular dental cleanings and examinations, and most children should visit their dentist once every six months. Based on your child’s individual needs, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatments and sealants as preventive measures.

Park Dental encourages parents to schedule an appointment with any one of our dentists. All Park Dental practices welcome young patients.

At Park Dental, we make going to the dentist a fun and comfortable experience for children. Our special children’s program focuses on preventive and diagnostic procedures in a kid-friendly environment.

All of our locations throughout the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and western Wisconsin provide personalized dental care for infants and children. We know how hard it can be to schedule a dentist appointment that doesn’t interfere with school, sports or family vacations. That’s why we offer evening appointments and reserve Saturday appointments exclusively for children.

Putting Children’s Dental Needs First

We think children’s dental care is special. That’s why Saturdays at Park Dental are just for children. Kids are with other kids in a comfortable setting. There are no drills and no “scary” treatments. Laughing, crying, singing, story telling, wiggling, fidgeting – it’s all OK, and you don’t need to feel anxious as a parent. Our doctors and team members know how to work with children and enjoy it!

Best of all, our scheduling is highly efficient, allowing families to get all their children seen at about the same time and on their way as quickly as possible.

While we see a majority of our Park Dental children on Saturdays for preventive and diagnostic procedures, we also provide before and after school appointments for those families who prefer Monday through Friday appointments.

Restorative Dentistry For Children: Tell–Show–Do

Restorative dentistry (i.e. fillings) and other care that cannot be done on Saturdays is scheduled during the week at convenient times so you don’t have to miss school or work.

When we have to perform treatments on children, we have a Tell–Show–Do philosophy. We tell them what the procedure will be, show them instruments we will be using and how they work so they know it’s not going to hurt, and lastly do the procedure. As we’re performing the procedure, we praise kids for doing such a great job and then reward them in some way when we’re done.