We at Dental Careers LLC specialize in the aesthetic (cosmetic) restoration and replacement of teeth by making the smiles look beautiful and function the way they should.

Dental Caps / Crowns are a type of dental restoration placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to restore the size, shape and strength and also improve its appearance. Dental Bridges cover or bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge helps to prevent the teeth from moving out of place. Once the bridge is placed it works just like your natural teeth. Dental bridges help with chewing, speaking as well as maintaining the shape of your face.


There are different types of Caps/ Crowns & Bridges:


  • 1. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • 2. Zirconium (metal free)
  • 3. E max
  • 4. Lava
  • 5. Bruxzir
  • 6. Tilite
  • 7. Ultra-T

Time Taken- is case dependent.. Cad Cam options are available in all types of crowns. These are fully computerized crowns which are superior quality than regular crowns.


Gummy smile:


A smile is considered gummy if a lot of gum tissue is seen when a person smiles. Though it is a normal variation it makes people conscious while smiling and can be corrected by gum contouring. Gum contouring is done to expose more tooth structure for one or all of the teeth. At Dental Careers LLC we have a highly experienced Periodontist who performs this surgery using the advanced technology of lasers. This is a painless procedure done under local anesthesia, in a single sitting.


Dental Crown/ Caps and Bridges are needed for following reasons:


To protect the decayed tooth or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
To restore the tooth that has been worn down
To cover a dental implant
To make a cosmetic modification.
To protect a root canal
To cover a discoloured tooth
To cover a large filling where not enough tooth structure is remaining.