A Brand New Smile

Losing your teeth can make many of life’s daily activities difficult or even impossible. When you are missing teeth, you may have difficulty eating, speaking or even smiling. Missing teeth can also have a negative impact on your other teeth, your lips and cheeks, and your face as a whole. Dentures help restore the full functionality of your mouth and improve your overall quality of life.

We offer full or partial dentures at most of our locations throughout the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our dentists understand the difficulties that come with missing teeth, and we can work closely with you to regain your ability to enjoy some of the finer things in life. We’ll carefully evaluate your current oral health and determine the best denture solution for you.

Full dentures replace all of your teeth and give you the ability to resume all activities that strong natural teeth make possible. Partial dentures replace missing teeth in order to restore your smile and mouth functionality while also protecting your remaining natural teeth from decaying or becoming crooked. No matter which solution you receive, your Park Dental dentist will show you the proper way to care for your dentures so they feel like natural teeth and last a lifetime.

Contact your Park Dental dentist today to learn more about dentures.