Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment

A Solution for Better Sleep

Getting an honest night’s sleep is vital to living a productive life on a daily basis. At Dental, we tend to ar committed to doing our half to push overall health. This has light-emitting diode U.S.A. to create a singular partnership with board certified sleep physicians round the Twin Cities to assist treat preventative apnea (OSA) and alternative sleep disorders.

Our dentists ar in an exceedingly key position to treat and determine patients with OSA. Through the Dental Sleep Program, we will perform a short OSA screening in one among our offices to see if you’re at bad. supported the results of this screening, we’ll refer you to a sleep doctor for a whole designation. In several cases, your sleep doctor can refer you back to U.S.A. for a dental device to assist treat your OSA.

If you have got any considerations concerning your sleep or suppose you will have apnea, please refer to your tooth doctor. we will perform apnea screenings at our locations throughout the dual Cities, bigger MN and western Wisconsin.